We are leading supplier of Dot and TPED approved gas cylinders.

We are leading supplier of TPED and Dot approved gas cylinders for industrial applications, medical uses and fire protection systems.

Our gas cylinders have obtained CE, TPED and DOT certification, which paved the way for us to enter the EU market. Our market share is growing rapidly, thanks to reliable quality and necessory certificates.

We succeed in gas field since 2018.

Safe, Reliable, and Durable Gas Cylinders

Durable Painting

the cylinder body is properly painted

Protective Cap

the valve is properly protected.

Logo on Body

We can paint your logo/brand name on cylinder body.

Logo on Shoulder

We can mark your logo/brand name on cylinder shoulder.

your market share is to be increased with our cylinders.

Delivered with TPED report

We are ready to help you get more market share in EU markets !

Well designed

The cylinder is well designed to meet EU requirements.

Our TPED/Dot approved gas cylinders served in:

Industrial Applications

Medical Applications

Fire Suppression System