AWS A5.4 E308L-16
JIS Z3221 E308L-16
EN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 L R 1 2

E308L-16 is a rutile electrode designed for welding of various stainless steel including AISI types 301, 302, 304, 304L and 305. E308L-16 provides a smooth and stable arc with easy slag removal, complete penetration and excellent bead appearance.

  • flux coating provides smooth arc transfer in the flat and horizontal positions
  • versatile electrode designed for welding of several types of austenitic stainless steels
  • easy slag removal and less spatter
  • excellent corrosion resistance

C-0.026, Si-0.74, Mn-1.15, Ni-9.81, Cr-19.64, Mo-0.07, S-1.011, Cu-0.06

Yield Strength: –
Tensile Strength: 608 MPa
Elongation: 41%