We supply LiquiFlo alloys and provide complete Brazing & Soldering solutions.

The company ACME WeldCut was established in 2018. However, our experience in this field is back to 2009. We operate succcessfully in heating, air-conditioning andrefrigeration, diamond and carbide tipped tools, plumbing, heat exchangers, and others.

LiquiFlo Alloys are available in a wide range of forms, from standrad to tailored, to meet various demands of world wide customers. We offer what-and-how technical assistance in your brazing and soldering process.

LiquiFlo PhosCopper Brazing Alloys are free from impurities which cause ruptures or leaks. By providing you with the highest quality products, we ensure the lowest cost of purchase and maintenance.

The phosphorus content in LiquiFlo PhosCopper alloys acts as a fluxing agent when joining copper to copper. However, phosphorus will not act in a similar fashion on other metals. LiquiFlo flux must be used on all other metals to improve wetting, bonding and flow throughout the joint. Do not use PhosCopper alloys on ferrous or nickel-containing alloys (i.e. steel, iron). Phosphorous will react with iron or nickel to create a brittle joint. Phosphorus content is well controlled to tolerances that exceed industry standards.

Trade NameEN 1044AWS 5.8DIN 8513Melting Range ℃Ag%Cu%P%Ni
LiquiFlo Ag0.5P---710-7400.593.56-
LiquiFlo Ag1P---645-810192.66.4-
LiquiFlo Ag2PCP105BCuP-6L-Ag2P732-8162917-
LiquiFlo Ag5PCP104BCuP-3L-Ag5P718-8165896-
LiquiFlo Ag6PCP103BCuP-4-645-725686.87.2
LiquiFlo Ag10P---645-79010846-
LiquiFlo Ag15PCP102BCuP-5L-Ag15P704-81615805-
LiquiFlo Ag18PCP101BCuP-8L-Ag18P664-6861885.46.6-
Trade NameEN 1044AWS 5.8DIN 8513Melting Range ℃Ag%Cu%Zn%Sn%Ni%Si
LiquiFlo Ag10BAG207-L-Ag10815-850105337---
LiquiFlo Ag20BAG206-L-Ag20690-810204435.8--0.2
LiquiFlo Ag25BAG205-L-Ag25700-790254035---
LiquiFlo Ag25SnAG108BAg-37L-Ag25Sn688-7792540332--
LiquiFlo Ag30BAG204BAg-20L-Ag30677-766303832---
LiquiFlo Ag30SnAG107-L-Ag30Sn665-7553036322--
LiquiFlo Ag34SnAG106-L-Ag34Sn630-730343627.52.5--
LiquiFlo Ag35BAG304BAg-35-685-754353233---
LiquiFlo Ag40SnAG105BAg-28L-Ag40Sn649-7104030282--
LiquiFlo Ag45B-BAg-5-663-743453025---
LiquiFlo Ag45SnAG104BAg-36L-Ag45Sn646-6774527253--
LiquiFlo Ag50B-BAg-6-688-774503416---
LiquiFlo Ag50Ni-BAg-24-660-707502028-2
LiquiFlo Ag55SnAG103-L-Ag55Sn630-6605521222--
LiquiFlo Ag56SnAG102BAg-7L-Ag56Sn618-6525622175--
Trade NameMelting Range ℃Ag%Cu%Zn%Sn%
LiquiFlo FC-Ag30Sn650-7503036322
LiquiFlo FC-Ag35B685-755353233-
LiquiFlo FC-Ag40Sn649-7104030282
LiquiFlo FC-Ag45B663-743453025-
LiquiFlo FC-Ag56Sn618-6525622175